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Freedom. That’s the essence of Marcelle’s deejay style. The Dutch deejay is not one to remain in the trappings of a certain musical genre. She is versatile and surprising. On her latest album 'DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess Meets Her Soulmates At Faust Studio Deejay Laboratory' she mixes African tribal drumming with a cutting edge female rapper, Chinese dub with Austrian accordion playing, bass heavy dubstep with animal noises, breakcore with postpunk and minimal techno with acid chants. The listener is not only entertained but also experiences a tremendous adventure. You just can't stop dancing to Marcelle’s lively mix! She has enchanted audiences in cities like London, Berlin, Vienna, New York, Brussels and Paris. Marcelle is a resident deejay in three major German cities.

Buying (loads of) records since 1977 she 'survived' punk, postpunk, techno, reggae, indie guitar, drum 'n' bass, neue Deutsche Welle, breakcore, grime, hip hop, industrial, minimal, dubstep, dancehall, world music et cetera and there is no doubt that she will easily cope with any future trends. As Scout Niblett sings in her version of 'Uptown Top Ranking', the last track on Marcelle’s album and often the last track of her gigs: 'I got no style, I'm strictly roots'.

As a result of her open way of working Marcelle is regularly invited by people who come from a different background as herself. She has been working together with contemporary modern dancers, hip hop mc’s, improvising and jazz musicians, and musicians from an older generation, like Faust’s founder member Hans-Joachim Irmler. Marcelle forms currently a duo with Cologne based percussionist Holger Mertin called ‘Fodderstompf’.

A18) What artist is your last obsession?

M) I never have "one" obsession, I like to listen to as many diverse kind of music as possible; however artists I really like at the moment are The Bug, Warrior Queen, Ras G And The Afrikan Space Program, Vernon & Burns, High Places, Christy & Emily.

And there is a re-issue label form Portland in the USA called Mississippi Records, I buy every release of them because they SURPRISE me almost every time with some highly original and sometimes weird record, from Clara Rockmore’s theremin playing to religious music from Africa and from ‘’one-man steel band’’ Bongo Joe to ‘’punky’’ gospel music from Reverend Louis Overstreet.

I LOVE a new dubstep 12’’ from Sabat Machines, I think from France, called Sylvia.

A18) The last cd/vinyl you bought?

M) New LP by Vernon & Burns 'The Light At the End of the Dial’ on the Gagarin label, highly original weird electronic music. and an excellent African double vinyl compilation called ‘Next Stop…Soweto’.

A18 )Recommend us a "must-seeing" record shops over the world.

M) Distortion in Amsterdam, a great selection but a total chaos in the store, so it’s sometimes hard to find records!
Hafenschlamm in Hamburg, a great selection!

A-Musik in Cologne, great selection and very nice staff!!! They even poured me some sweet white wine once when going through their records!!!

A18) Tell us the time you bought the most enormous amount of records

M) When I tour over the world I always like to visit the local record shops, be it in New York, Berlin or Paris. And I like going to flea markets! When I was in NYC in January I went to a flea market in Brooklyn where they sold African LP’s for 4 dollars a piece! I bought a lot of them.

A18) Your worst/best experience buying records?

M) There is a record shop in Cologne with very unfriendly staff!! They don’t like you taking the records out of the shelves and treat you very unpleasant. The store is called Parallel Schallplatten . When I told other people in Cologne about it they were not surprised; it happened to a lot of them!

A18) What will be the next step forward in music?

M) I like to be surprised! I have seen so many styles come and go (punk in 1977, drum n bass in the 1990’s, post punk, dubstep, techno et cetera… for me the big thrill is to discover new exciting styles; I don’t like to stay in the past!)

A18) Recommend us a few "bands to watch"

Zea from Amsterdam, Christy & Emily from New York, Vernon & Burns from the UK.

A18) How do you organize yor record collection?

M) I have organised them by style, region, label et cetera, so not alphabetically,. So I have a reggae selection divivded into artists (Lee Perry, Mad Professor, Culture,),label (On-U Sound, Studio One ), style (dub) etcetera. My African collection is divided into countries (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nieria etcetera) . I have lots of cutting edge underground music, from The Fugs and Silver Apples to The Fall and The Slits and from the latest dubstep 12’’ to American experimental noise like Black Dice. I have about 15,000 records (LP’s, 12’’s and 7’’ singles) and also thousand of cd’s but I prefer vinyl ! I get send lots of cd’s for my various radio shows, in England, Netherlands and Germany.

In addition to being a wicked club DJ, playing wild sets across the stages of Europe and the USA, Marcelle does radio shows in three countries: Netherlands, England and Germany. The Dutch show has been running for more than 20 years. This weekly show is being listened to all over the world. Marcelle hosts the show from her Amsterdam maisonette enabling listeners to e-mail her during the live programme, which has her running around the house looking for their requests in her extensive personal collection (15,000 records).

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