Sembla que no fa res que penjava a l'Apartament el logo del John Peel Day de l'any passat, on us prometia que des de l'A18 ho celebraríem amb una festa (i, a més, ho faig fer amb tota rotunditat). Doncs bé, un altre any i un altre John Peel Day que encara no puc celebrar. Però les converses ja estan iniciades i la maquinària funcionant....qui sap si d'aquí 1, 2 o 3 anys podem veure el logo del John Peel Day al costat del de l'Apartament18. Amb ganes i il·lusió tot és possible.

Avui és el John Peel Day 2010 i s'ha centralitzat amb una festa al Bloomsbury Bowling Lane de Londres. Amb 3 escenaris, més de 20 promotores implicades i més de trenta artista, sembla que per fi s'ha institucionalitzat lña celebració del que va ser el meu inspirador i una llegenda de la ràdio, o com a mi m'agrada definir "la figura musical més influent del segle XX".

A contiunuació us deixo informació completa, facilitada per Damnably, un dels organitzadors de l'event:

The Short:

A collective of 20 Promoters, Labels, Zines and Radio DJs will be presenting over 30 acts & DJs on 3 stages in celebration of the man who gave us all good taste!

The Blurb:
John Peel was the greatest DJ the world has known and over the course of his 40-year career he rode on the crest of a wave bringing the best groundbreaking acts to the public. From T Rex, David Bowie, Elton, Captain Beefheart, The Slits, The Fall, Louden Wainwright, The Damned, PJ Harvey, Pulp, Laurie Anderson, Extreme Noise Terror to Nirvana, The White Stripes and many many more acts owed their lucky break/careers to John Peel. We will celebrate his legacy with red wine, loud music and a lot of dancing and laughter!

The Good:
Proceeds will go to the DEC Charity.

The Promoters:
Damnably / Dandelion FM / Fortuna Pop / Freedom of Expression / God Don’t like it / God Is In The TV / Gravid Hands / How Does it Feel To Be Loved? / Monotreme / Neo Magazine / Silver Rocket / Southern / Subba Cultcha / The Other Woman radio Show (Resonance FM) / Vacilando68 / Vacuous Pop / Wears The Trousers / WIAIWYA


BAANEEX / Bearsuit / Cosmic Shenngy / Cove / Hyrst / Horowitz / ice, sea, dead people / Indieoke / Mary Epworth and the Jubilee Band / Model Village / Nedry / NITKOWSKI / Smallgang / Stereolab (Laetitia DJ SET) / Superman revenge squad / Susie hug / Vatican Cellars


BAANEEX make fun, tunesome, rawcore noises; avant garde pop-punk ditties; post-rock dib-dabs and mellow, pensive warbles. Formed on February 12th 2010 the four-piece take in a diverse range of influences and sellotape them together into songs about Dracula, Dracula and swans.


Championed by BBC DJs including John Peel, Steve Lamacq, Huw Stephens, Rob Da Bank, Phill Jupitus, Marc Riley, Tom Robinson, Colin Murray, Gideon Coe and John Kennedy on XFM and voted Best Breakthrough Act at CMJ in a New York Times poll of conference badge holders and received shining reviews including Pitchfork.

“In an era when almost everything is quite like something else, Bearsuit are not quite like anything.” John Peel

Cosmic Shenngy

A rare show by Cosmic Shenngy (“An ambassador for the Chinese avant-garde” – TIME) one time ‘Hang the Box’ drummer (China’s first punk rock band who signed to Cherry Red) and daughter of a Cosmonaught, who dropped the sticks to pursue a more experiemntal space/krautrock bent. Shenngy has collaborated with Elliott Sharp, Alvin Curran, Damo Suzuki and Blixa Bargeld. She also performs as ‘White’ with Shou Wang from ‘Carsick Cars’ and has toured with Neubauten.Cosmic Shenngy will also DJ Techno/German House/Dub Step/Raggae and Kraut/Space Rock.

Crumbling Ghost

Riff-Tastic Post-Doom/Prog-Folk from Damo Suzuki’s loudest backing band, that recently super-rocked with Stinking Lizaveta.


London’s Cove are a three peiece rock band who deal in mighty fine riffage over DC basslines and intelligent drumbeats; for fans of Hoover, AC/DC and Slint. Their latest album ‘Show Me Your Nature’ was released earlier this year on Unlabel…expect more to come!

Former Utopia

Radio 6/Resonance FM featured, genre defying intelligent edgy song smith that producing the kind of mortally sad, black humoured alt. folk that reminiscent of Lambchop, Mountain Goats and on occasion Shellac. George plays Guitar and is from East London, Rama drums and is from East Seoul. Russ plays Bass and is from Romford and 100% of Russell and the Wolf Choir. They’ve gigged with Steve Malkmus, Shonen Knife, Moon Mama (Afrirampo), Julie Doiron, Thee More Shallows, Mick Turner (Dirty Three) and David Grubbs.

“Like (smog) on holiday in Shellac”Drowned in Sound


Horowitz formed in 2004 as a three-piece bedroom project. Expect Pavement-esque guitar mangling and Subway Organization style noise pop.

“If the restarted Hadron collider proves to have half as much furniture-wrecking power as a Horowitz chorus, then we’re all in trouble. For other bands, Horowitz make lesson one quite simple: have tunes. Loads of them.” – In Love With These Times in Spite of These Times

ice, sea, dead people

Ice, Sea, Dead People are three child-men from London who are sick and tired of rock music that isn’t. Inspired by art-rock and punk luminaries such as Fugazi, Liars, Erase Errata, Black Eyes, et al, the trio are more than content to punch through the ceiling of their peers to achieve an even more liberal approach to their explosive sound formed from sharp riffery, rhythmic foreplay and peaking with esoteric vocals. Everything is distorted, most of it is screamed and all of it is energetic.

“One of the loudest new bands I’ve seen in a long while… Properly forthright, in-your-face rock music.”
Steve Lamacq – BBC 6 Music (’6 Music Unsigned Band of the Week’)

“Sawtooth plosives of guitars strung like catapults and screams at exactly the right frequency to be heard by humans.”
Plan B Magazine (RIP)

Indieoke (2 sets)

If you’ve ever fancied giving Albarn, Ditto, Curtis, Cocker, Kapranos and the like a run for their money by fronting your own indie band then Indieoke is the place to do it.

Thier amazing live band will take to the stage and belt out the indie classics, for your pleasure, while you, the REAL stars, take turns in joining the band for one number at a time. Members of the audience (YOU!) take the spotlight to belt out such monster songs as, There she goes, Take Me Out, Common People, Panic, Where’s Me Jumper, 7 Nation Army, Hounds of Love, Love Will Tear Us Apart and Buddy Holly and TEENAGE KICKS for this very special John Peel Day Indieoke!
Recommended by Lauren Laverne BBC 6 Music

Lail Arad

Young, up and coming folk singer/songwriter and engaging performer, who has played with the likes of Devendra Banhart and has a growing reputation on the London folk scene.

Mary Epworth and The Jubilee Band

Psych soul Chanteuse Mary Epworth’s music calls to mind the lushness of Holland era Beach Boys, the plugged in folk of Fairport Convention and the heavy fuzz of Flower Travellin’ Band. Mary’s harpsicord, synth and harmony laden debut album is being recorded as we speak.

It’s as mesmerising as it is unnerving.” The Guardian

“Imagine a folk Black Sabbath with brass band accompaniment and you’re there. I’ve never heard anything like this. More, please!” Terrascope

Model Village

Model Village is a new band, with a new beginning; they have all done lots of things before.. but why live in the past, they ask, why not live in the model village of the future? If you can think of nothing better than coming home, popping off your shoes and settling into a lush bed of indie jangle-tinged folk, then step this way, into your new compact abode …

They’ve been playing out with; Casiotone for the painfully alone, Allo Darlin’, Singing Adams, Pony Collaboration, Jeremy Warmsley, Six toes, and Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly.


Nedry are Matt Parker, Chris Amblin and Ayu Okakita. Following a series of internet based interactions between 2007 and 2008, the three-piece decided to meet face-to-face in the spring of 2008 and since then they have exploded!

The band have seen an incredible amount of Radio play-particularly from Huw Stephens on Radio One who loves them! Endless glowing reviews and massive tours followed. John Peel almost certainly would have approved of this innovative genre hopping act.

“(Nedry) reinvent the (trip-hop) genre on their terrific debut, a futuristic sonic collage of dreamy glitch-folk, shimmering electronica and weapons grade dubstep percussion.” **** UNCUT

“Intriguing and fantastic!” John Kennedy – XFM


Nitkowski’s music consists of interlocking guitar and drum figures with sparse vocals, and is inspired by the uncompromising attitude and caustic atmosphere of This Heat, the clinical, deceptively simple technicality of Botch, the interlocking tones of Indonesian Gamelan music, the cyclical rhythms of some African folk music, and the wonder of gin.

“One of those bands who’s [sic] songs just don’t go anywhere.”

Paul Hawkins

Formed from a ragbag gang of outsiders and fronted by the most singular frontman in Britain today Paul Hawkins (and his outfit, Thee Awkward Silences) is smart, intriguing and wildly entertaining outsider pop mavericks.


Sounding something like Johnny Cash fronting Sonic Youth or Smog’s Bill Callahan holding his own in front of Dinosaur Jr, anyone who loves exciting and intelligent rock music will find something to love in the repertoire of Smallgang. The band have just recorded their 2nd album and it is being mastered in Echolab Denton by Midlake/New Pornographers/Silkworms favourite sound tech Matthew Barnhart.

“falling somewhere between Regeneration-era The Divine Comedyand Stephen Malkmus at his most post-punk.” God Is In The TV

Stereolab (Laetitia DJ SET)

DJ Set from Laetita Sadier-founding member of super legendary uber cool band ‘Stereolab’. Formed in 1990 and saw global success with their mix of hypnotic experimental electronica and naive French pop. They recorded 8 John Peel sessions and remain one of the most influential UK acts.

Superman Revenge Squad

Superman Revenge Squad is one bloke from Croydon, called Ben, and an acoustic guitar. He is sometimes joined by a man called Martin, and a cello.

Susie Hug

Susie first came to prominence fronting The Katydids, and following collaborations with acts such as The Blue Aeroplanes and Fatima Mansions, has seen a solo career flourish with albums recorded with Travis and most recently Calexico, who backed Susie on her latest release ‘Tucson Moonshine’ on Vacilando ‘68 Recordings.


One man math rock band Sam Knight, Taut, chugging guitar loops layer up with frenetic tapping patterns that interweave in spiraling complexity before near sub-atomically precise, powerhouse drumming.

Vatican Cellars

Hailing from London and Orange County The Vatican Cellars write songs about death, loss and guilt. They write songs late at night from the bottom of a bottle of wine, songs that are sung down the phone in the early hours, songs that bring to mind Nick Drake, The Lilac Time and Tindersticks.

Your New Friend

Named after an obscure Smog song, this new acoustic duo features ultra baritone voiced Simon Kobayashi (smallgang), with Sun Kil Moon-esque guitar workouts from Alex Carter (Armchair Songs). They play incredibly pretty songs with a rare level of skill and complexity.

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