Unboxing The Green Ufos 40 CD pack

Hello! Our first entry completely in english!!!

Well, there are a lot of freaks around the world making the "unboxing" (certainly, the Apple geeks are most of them...) and in our Apartament18 today have been a special day, because we have received a big box with 40 great CDs.

For someone who loves the music, and love buy records too, to receive this order is simply a moment to remember. And, what will be the best method to remember the first unboxing in our apartment? Yes! l'Apartament18 has become a major geek and has filmed it. Please, play it loud:

And some photos of the event:

Video i Fotos: l'Apartament18

2 comentaris:

  1. nice video.... excellent cds.... nice song...

  2. Jols ai vist en direkte..... i asta los ai tokat